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Science, Know How and passion for Food

Knowledge and Experience

RO.NA. S.a.s. is a consulting Company that works in the food technology arena. We offer technical and technological consulting to the agro food industry, specifically in the fine tuning of products, production processes and in raw materials selection, with the aim of launching new innovative products.

We collaborate with companies in corporate restructuring, efficiency improvement and cost savings, while paying special attention to the optimization of the price/quality ratio of final products.

We offer outstanding experience in the area of frozen food products, and generally speaking , in all multi component, sterilized, pasteurized and thermally treated products.

We propose studies and energy saving evaluations, as well as support in eco-sustainable processes and product development.

We provide problem solving solutions to different technological issues in the food industry.

We offer technical support to the R&D departments and can propose high technical and innovative projects, with specific knowledge for the phases of prototype preparation and pilot plant commissioning.