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Science, Know How and passion for Food

About US

Roberto Nardi is the founder and General manager of RO.NA S.a.s.
He is a Chemical Engineer who worked for Unilever for over 31 years, where he held lead positions in the R&D, Production, Quality Assurance, Engineering and Marketing departments of this prominent Multinational Company.

He directed the Frozen Food R&D department at National, European and Global levels for many years.
He has great expertise and knowledge in designing new food products with specific experience in the innovative process, often based on designing unique equipment able to optimize the price/quality ratio of the new proposals.

He has vast experience in restructuring R&D groups, and is able to use synergies, optimize resources and build innovative teams integrating different cultures and people.

He is an expert in Innovation Process Management (IPM) and has given lectures on procedures and innovative ways of food designing at international levels.

He has collaborated with different Italian Universities to identify trends and targets of applied food research and scientific research.

He has published scientific papers and obtained technological patents.
He has direct working experience in Production, Quality Assurance and Food Engineering , making him a leading expert on the whole agri-food supply chain.

He has a specific knowledge in gluten free products, both in raw material selection and in cross contamination prevention for coeliac food.

He has access to an important international network and, when appropriate, he can involve important science and technology experts in new product design.